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Service Detail

Preparing a job offer

Required Time:

1 working day

Procedure’s Purpose / Description:

The purpose of this procedure is to prepare a job offer for the employee who is selected to fill the job post, where the job offer is prepared to include information about the job, financial allocations and offer provisions. The job offer is then sent to the candidate, and negotiated and amended with both parties’ agreement. In case an agreement is not reached, the next candidate in order of job interview and test results is contracted and offered the job.

Rules & Required Documents:

1. Upon acceptance of the job offer, the candidate must sign the job offer in writing to fill the job post.
2. The offer is considered revoked if:
 The candidate is not medically fit as per a medical certificate.
 The candidate fails to obtain a criminal antecedents clearance certificate from the competent authority inside or outside the country.
 The concerned entity refuses the recruitment and issuing a visa for the candidate.
 Failing to complete certificate equivalency from the competent government entity within 4 months in case it is issued outside the country.
 Failing to provide attested experience certificates within 3 months.
3. Candidate must assume work duties during the period of time specified in the job offer up to 3 months maximum or the offer will be considered revoked.

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