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Service Detail

Medical examination procedures/security approval and criminal antecedents clearance certificate / residency/ disclosure / fulfillment of undertakings (if any).

Required Time:

2 working days

Procedure’s Purpose / Description:

The purpose of this procedure is to fulfill recruitment requirements such as the medical examination of the employee, obtaining a security approval and criminal antecedents clearance certificate, issuance of residence visa and signing required undertakings by the employee.

Rules & Required Documents:

1. Passport
2. ID
3. Family book for UAE nationals
4. Birth certificate
5. Personal photo
6. CV
7. Academic qualifications
8. Experiences
9. Introductory statement
10. Security approval form
11. Medical examination Letter
12. Criminal antecedents clearance certificate
13. Resident visa issuance / transfer letter
14. Disclosure form
15. Job offer
16. Academic qualification equivalency undertaking

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