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Service Detail

Hiring an employee

Required Time:

1 working day

Procedure’s Purpose / Description:

The purpose of this procedure is to complete the candidate hiring procedures for a job post as per the following hiring types:
Hiring candidates (with less than 1 year experience).
Hiring candidates (with more than 1 year experience).
Hiring executive leaders and members of the judiciary and advisers and those with special jobs.
Hiring UAE national retirees.
Hiring on a private contract.
Hiring on a part-time contract.
Hiring on a temporary contract.

Rules & Required Documents:

1. Marriage certificate (if married) attested by competent authorities
2. Divorce certificate (if divorced) attested by competent authorities
3. Valid criminal antecedents clearance certificate
4. Medical examination (6 stamps)
5. Personal photo of the candidate
6. Copy of valid passport
7. Copy of passports of children and wife (for employees eligible for flight tickets)
8. Copy of valid residency
9. Copy of valid ID
10. Copy of academic qualification attested by competent authorities in UAE
11. Experience certificate
12. Certificate of opening a bank account
13. Job offer
14. Introductory statement
15. Disclosure form
16. Job interview report
17. Recruitment form
18. Employment contract

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