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Frequently Asked Questions

Absence value is counted based on the comprehensive salary of the employee, were the deductions should not exceed one third of the monthly salary of the employee, while pensions share (20% of the subscribing salary - for UAE nationals) is deducted on each absence day.
• Sick leave (not exceeding 7 work days).
• Leave without pay (not exceeding 15 work days).
• Bereavement leave.
• Maternity leave.
Grade 1 -> Duration of stay -
Grade 2-6 -> Duration of stay - 3 years
Grade 7-15 -> Duration of stay - 4 years
If the direct supervisor was not able to evaluate the performance of the employee for any reason, the person who replaces him/her as a direct supervisor performs this task.
This is done as follows:
a. If the employee's staying duration in the previous job is less than 3 months, the evaluation is done based on the new job only.
b. If the staying duration in the previous job is more than three months from the start of the evaluation year then his/her performance is evaluated based on the previous and new job, were the old and current direct supervisors participate in the annual evaluation process and the ratio is derived.
c. If the employee's staying duration in the new job is less than 3 months, the evaluation is done based on the previous job only.
1st degree: Father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter.
2nd degree: Brothers, sisters, grandfather, grandmother, grandsons, aunt, uncle.
• Sick leave (not exceeding 7 work days).
• Leave without pay (not exceeding 15 work days).
• Maternity leave.
• Bereavement leave.
For UAE nationals:
- After the resignation request is approved by the higher management the resignation decision is issued.
- A financial procedure is prepared to count the leaves balance and due salary based on the days the employee worked during the month.
- End of service form is filled with the attachment of the following documents (copy of passport and UAE ID, copy of bank letter specifying account number).
- The form is sent with the attachments and financial procedure to the pensions authority in the Emirate of RAK to pay end of service reward.
- End of service reward is received via the bank.
For expats:
- The leaves balance and end of service reward are calculated based on the service duration of the resigned employee and paid via the financial department and municipality.
- The amount is deposited in the resigned employee's account.
The employee who is hired under trial and who did not complete 9 months from the day of his/her hiring does not have a notice period. The employee hired based on his previous experience and who has completed 6 months from the date of his hiring must pay the salary for the notice month. In case he/she doesn't want to complete the notice period, he/she can request to shorten the notice period and pays the salary of the remaining notice period or it is deducted from the end of service reward.
The year starts from the date of hiring the employee and is repeated after (12) months. Example: if the hiring date of the employee is 11/07/2010, the contractual year of the employee will be 11/07/2015-11/07/2016.
- Approval of the short one day sick leave does not require attesting the medical report by the Ministry of Health.
- If the medical appointments are for one day, they are deducted from the short sick leaves balance of the employee.
- If the treatment appointments are continuous based on the estimate of the treating doctor, the medical appointments are deducted from medium sick leaves balance of the employee, on the condition to present an attested medical report specifying duration and frequency of these appointments.
- Must possesse the academic and practical qualifications required for the job.
- Successfully passing the tests and interviews and evaluation regulations.
- To be physically fit for the job.
- Obtain criminal antecedents clearance certificate.
- Obtain security approval, where the RAK Security Office is addressed through government entities.
- Must be over 18 years old.
- His/her legal status with regard to the work should comply with the valid Residency and Foreigners Affairs laws (for expats).

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