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Strategic Plan

Develop an integrated framework of HR policies and legislations that support RAK Government strategic plan, and ensure its implementation in light of the international best practices.

Plan the long-term HR needs of government entities and link them to RAK government strategic directions and Emiratization programs.

Develop plans to raise the competencies of human resources in Ras Al Khaimah Government, particularly for UAE nationals, and develop their capabilities, improve their performance and help create a supportive environment that encourages creativity.

Raise the level of services provided by the Human Resources Department using innovative administrative and technical methods, and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of HR procedures and operations in accordance with the best practices.

Develop and strengthen the partnership frameworks with government entities and the community, and implement value-added joint initiatives, which serve the objectives of the department and support its main operations and enhance its identity as a professional institution.

Improve and develop the level of services and institutional support operations (human resources, information technology and administrative services) and contribute to the dissemination and promotion of a culture of excellence and innovation and create a supportive work environment for them.

Improve The Department of Human Resources (DoHR) ranking in the government excellence system (internal goal).

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