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General Manager Message

In line with the Pillars of the UAE Centennial 2071, and as part of our efforts to realize RAK vision 2030, the Department of Human Resources, in 2023, made sure that focusing on positive results and reinforcing them with high added value for various categories of stakeholders was one of the key anchors and drivers used by the Department in fulfilling its diversified mandates, tasks, and initiatives which reflected on the nature of our achievements with a direct focus on human capital management and investment. 2023 witnessed many achievements including various operational and strategic initiatives which resulted in high quality services that enhance the welfare and wellbeing of our society. The DHR has also adopted local and global best practices in human talent management and empowerment by creating various business models that contribute to finding innovative solutions to ensure business continuity and promote operational excellence in the Department. These accomplishments were not free from challenges, but we managed to overcome them with high levels of efficiency and flexibility, and we look forward to more leadership, excellence, and adoption of the concepts of innovation and proactivity to realize the ambitious vision of the DHR aimed at investing in happy and exceptional human talents as well as its main objective namely “Achieving government leadership that enhances the quality of life of the society.”

Mohamed A. Khalifah
Human Resources Department General Manager

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