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In an important and ambitious step, the Department of Human Resources, represented by the Future Leadership Council, announced the launch of “A Talk with an Inspirer” initiative which aims to empower the youth in various fields through discussions to be held with inspiring figures. This announcement comes as part of the Emirate’s vital role in supporting the vision of the country and helping achieve its objectives for the year 2071. The first guest in this initiative was H.E. Saeed Al Nadheri, Secretary General of Great Arab Minds Initiative, one of the remarkable young leaders in the UAE and an inspiring figure that act as a role model for youth to look up to on their road towards realizing their dreams. During the session, H.E. Saeed Al Nadheri discussed his vision about how to achieve success and excellence in life through dedication and hard work as he shared some personal experiences and challenges that he faced throughout his career which proved that dreams can come true by perseverance and hard work. He also highlighted the importance of the role of youth in developing our society and building a better future. H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdullatif Khalifa, General Manager of the DHR, emphasized that youth are the actual strength of our nation and the key to achieving progress as he said, “This is an important opportunity for our youth to learn from actual success stories and to interact with inspiring figures to help them achieve their personal and professional goals, and we are committed towards supporting and empowering this young generation.” Dr. Khalifa concluded by emphasizing the important role of this initiative in building a promising future for our youth and enhancing their positive contribution to the development of our society and achieving sustainable development.

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